E:24 Spanish 21 A Conversation for Beginners with Lukas Sharp

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E:24 Spanish 21 A Conversation for Beginners with Lukas Sharp

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A Beginners Conversation about Spanish 21 with Lukas Sharp

  • Conversation about the differences between Spanish 21

  • Go To wizardofodds.com for complete mathematical analysis on Spanish 21

  • Late Surrender is an advantage

  • The biggest advantage toward the dealer is the missing 10’s

  • Doubling down at anytime including redoubling down

  • Player 21 ALWAYS wins and paid on the spot

  • Re-splitting Aces

  • Bonus’ on certain 3 card 21’s

  • Envy Bonus on other player’s win!

  • Beware of differences in Spanish 21 basic strategy versus Blackjack

  • Lukas’ biggest wins and wildest hand

  • General big wins at the casino

  • Big night at the Borgata with his Match the Dealer voodoo

  • Match the dealer is WORSE in Spanish 21

  • An overview of the rule differences between Spanish 21 v. Blackjack

  • Examples in strategy differences